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BiiBii Designs originally started is buisness with designing custome blog templates for for her own blog. This eventually grew into designing for fellow bloggers. Blog design has become a big passion of mine and I love to make every blog look feminine and lovely by customizing it to fit the bloggers taste and style to better define what their blog is about.

A professional fun blog design helps your blog to stand out in the crowd with a lovely professional level design that keeps your readers wanting to come back for more. BiiBii Designs likes to offer bloggers an affordable rate for blog design ranging from small blogs to large blogs.

Blog and WordPress Rates
Blog Template Design - No code $200+
Level 1 Petite 1 - 4 page Site Design $500+
Level 2 Grande 5 - 9 page Site Design $700+
Level 3 Luxury 10+ page's - Site Design $1000+

Having a design for your blog that stands out is one of the biggest factors in attracting more traffic to your blog. On thw world of the internet, asthetics and accessibility is everything. Make your blog a favorite to visit with a design that best suits you and your blog.

Not only is having a well built design important to increase traffic, but you can double your number of daily views by having a design that incorporates SEO. Increase the amount of organic traffic to your blog by adding a SEO package to your design. SEO will help to boost your ranking in Google and other search engine results so your blog can properly reach your target audience.

BiiBii Designs likes to offer affordable SEO packages to add onto your design package to help boost your organic traffic even higher.

SEO Add-on Rates
Petite Blog SEO Design Package Add-on $50+
Grande Blog SEO Design Package Add-on $100+

Make your blog sparkle and shine to all your present and new potential readers.

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